Sam Powell

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Want To Lose Weight – Eat Like A Child

Want To Lose Weight – Eat Like A Child – it’s as easy as that! Have you ever seen an overweight toddler? Yes, of course you have! But – you ALWAYS know the reason for an overweight toddler – parents stuff him/her with food when a baby doesn’t want it! Generally, toddlers are just a little plump and this plumpness disappears by the age of 4 – 5. This is considering that the parent actually listens to what his/her child communicates regarding the food portions!

Toddlers, in fact same as animals, know exactly how much food their bodies need to function well. They haven’t yet developed any unhealthy eating habits and they don’t like when their tummies hurt from overeating. They also would rather play games and have fun rather than eat. Another very healthy eating habit we should adopt from children is – eat smaller portions with a higher frequency.

Follow these simple guidelines! Literally – want to lose weight – eat like a child!

Stop eating when you start feeling full! It is not healthy to overeat and kids’ bodies know that better than adults’ bodies. When you overeat, the burden on your body is too big and whatever it can’t process, it throws into storage – fat!

Eat simple foods! When you cook, try not creating overly complex recipes. Best meals come from 2 – 4 ingredients. Kids wouldn’t appreciate foie gras with onions chutney on a toast. That’s too much for them. Give them a raw carrot and they’d be happy!

Don’t eat too much saturated fats. Though saturated fats are not bad for you when taken “responsibly”, overabundance of them can hurt your liver. Kids don’t like foods that are too heavy or fatty.

Eat small portions and often. The less the battery is charged, the slower it works. Same with our bodies, the less fuel they have, the slower metabolism is working. Putting smaller portions of the right foods into our bodies will gear our metabolism to work faster and more efficiently!

Play a game, go for a walk, or watch a good film instead of having an after dinner dessert! Kids would ALWAYS rather go play a game than wait for sweets! Or, they’d take sweets and go playing hide and seek or run around like headless chickens:)

Eating like a child doesn’t mean you play with your food! It means listening to your body rather than your mind! If we learn to appreciate how kids naturally choose what to eat – and how much – we might actually learn how to eat better ourselves.