Sam Powell

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My Online Weight Loss Diary

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone coming to visit my page and specifically my weight loss online diary! If you are here, it means you want to lose weight and get healthier! Probably like yourself, I have experimented a lot and have gone through lots of different plans, crash diets, mono diets, tried diet pills, etc… It would work for some time, but once I was back to my usual way of eating, fats were popping back up to where they used to be!

On top of all this, I have suffered from chronic eczema for my whole life! This is not fun I must tell you! In addition to all the cracked skin, horrible almost disabling discomfort I feel during often flare ups, eczema also causes metabolism to slow down dramatically, which is so not helpful when you are trying to shed some weight. So, sometimes only eating very little, I’d still manage to gain weight! The problem was – I didn’t eat right! I was extremely skeptical when I found the Diet Solution, but only being with the program for a couple of weeks I felt a great difference. Firstly, I lost around 5lb. Not much, but I was trying to shed them for the last 4 months before going on this plan. Secondly, I now almost got rid of my constant headaches! And – the best of all – my skin is getting softer! It usually only gets soft when I start taking strong medicines! Overall, within the first few weeks, I started feeling and looking better and my body fat started melting bit by bit! I decided to start this blog to tell others about The Diet Solution Plan and offer this online weight loss diary that I will be recording every week so you can see my progress and make a decision for yourself!