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Muscle Fitness: Nutritional Tips

If you’re anything like me you want to burn fat and build muscle and eating foods that promote  muscle fitness can help you do that.  All of us want to tone up and have that sleek body that turns heads, but you want it in a way that improves health & fitness and does put yourself at risk.  Though building muscle can be tough at times, it can be done if the right things are considered. One of the key areas to consider is diet.   The nutritional tips below will help you improve muscle fitness and build the muscle you want.

Muscle Fitness Carb, Protein, and Fat Ratio

With all these fad diets out there everyone is screaming, LOW CARB, its hard to get beyond that, but, sorry guys, you have to.  For good muscle fitness carbs are important.  Your want to use right balance of carb, protein, and fat.  Yes, fat!  Having a balance of all three will provide your body with the right nutrition to build muscle and create top muscle fitness.  It is recommended that your diet contains 40 to 60% of carbs, 30 to 40% of protein, and 10 to 20% of fat, yes fat.  Fat plays a significant role in production of testosterone which helps build muscle and fats even help you build fat faster, so don’t neglect it.  Same with the carbs, if you don’t have enough your body will burn muscle to fuel itself, you don’t want that.  It is important that you find the right balance to loss fat.  However, be cautious of the types of food you put in your body as some will help better than others.  You want to put foods in your body that promote good overall health and fitness and your muscle fitness will follow suite.  Following the michi ladder will help in this matter.

Supplements to Promote Muscle Fitness

Adding dieting supplements may be another thing you’ll want to consider.  I personal use the P90x recovery drink after every one of my workouts because it provides the perfect carb to protein ratio to give my muscles what he need to repair and improve my muscle fitness.  A simple protein shake could also be used.  There are other supplements that you can take before your work out routine that fuels your muscle during the workout to allow to complete more reps. I personally don’t you them, but I have heard their can really make a difference.

As you consider this information, think about your muscle fitness goals and play with it until you find your goals being met.  Find the carb, protein, fat ratio that works for you.  If you find that you require more assistance or having a difficult time meeting your goals consider the use of the supplements, I just caution you to take a good look at them first.  I love my p90x recovery drink, but something else my work better for you.  So good luck and remember extreme health and fitness and muscle fitness is best achieved naturally.