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Best Keep Fit Diet For Bloggers

Bloggers are lovely lads! I want to firstly thank them for all the work they are doing! I, myself, have learned much more from bloggers and from reading blogs than I’ve learned from reading all types of books! Bloggers usually skip the blah-blah part and get right to the point of the subject! Whoever thinks blogging is for lazy people – they should think twice or even three times! All bloggers know they should blog every single day (yes, on Easter and Christmas as well) to keep the traffic moving!

When the traffic moves for bloggers, they themselves remain mainly seated in front of their laptops! Blogging and promoting your internet marketing business is not easy. Yet it is so absorbing and exciting that bloggers often forget themselves and whatever is around! After sitting down at the computer at 8am, they often put their head up in 4 – 5 hours only because they either feel very hungry or want to go to loo (pardon my boldness).

Where does this lifestyle lead them? Yes, they can afford fantastic holidays in the middle of the usual business year, they have a free day schedule, they are not scared their bills are not going to be paid next month, they are happy! Yet – because they are so absorbed in their work when they actually do work that they forget to eat! Or they just nibble on some chips, biscuits, etc….

Feeling extremely gracious to bloggers for making me educated in quite a few areas, I would really like to offer these few tips for you guys to make sure you remain healthy and happy for many more years and continue bringing the good stuff to our lives!

1. Have a YOU hour every day! It should be an hour or more, not less! The hour should be taken all at once, no splitting in minutes! Commit to this 1 YOU hour a day by closing your computer, switching your phone off, and asking your family to not bother you just for this hour. Do whatever you like during this hour, but make sure it’s not sleeping or lying in bed. You have got to move around!

Get yourself a trampoline and jump for a minute or so

Switch on the music channel and dance

Go for a walk

Do some sit ups, hula hooping, crunches, weight exercising (best to keep the windows open at that point even during winter – your body needs fresh air!)

2. Clean your fridge and kitchen shelves off unhealthy snacks such as chips, crisps, biscuits, pop corn, “healthy” bars

Put some nuts, seeds, carrot/celery sticks, nut butters on your desk next to a computer and snack on those

Always keep a mineral water bottle on your desk, add a little organic apple cider vinegar to it and sip throughout the day